About Me

E_Tiff w- Old Film Camera_2004.jpg

A smirk, a smile, a laugh, a giggle, a memory… that’s what it’s about. About a year ago I thought of how I could describe my uniqueness in the field of photography and that’s what came to mind. To me photography is all about capturing individual uniqueness, personalities, and love expressed between families. My primary focus as a photographer is babies, families, and children portraiture. That is where my passion lies. Kids are my absolute favorite to work with because they do the most innocent and funny things and I love capturing it on camera. My sessions are always casual and I work with parents to simply play with their children and let their kids just be kids. My goal in every session is for families to enjoy themselves and allow me to capture the love they have for each other and the funny things that make them unique as individuals and families. Although this picture of me is quite old I love it because it’s shows how I started off as a photographer, with an old all manual film camera. My passion for photography began while taking classes at MCC in 2001 and I have been professionally photographing since 2004.